The Sweet Chronicle

This is the name given to the ability of the Sandri pastry artists, telling the stories, the people and the moments that pass through Perugia and Italy. A great ability to synthesize and masterfully show important dates, such as the start of the academic year, Christmas, the seasons, Mother’s Day or important moments, such as the restoration of the Fontana Maggiore, the inauguration of the MINIMETRO or the centenary of Futurism. A gallery of images allows us to appreciate what has been shown over the years, even if many images are lost.

2010 Futurismo

2010 Futurism

2013 San Valentino

2013 Valentine’s Day

1998 - Sant'Ercolano

1998 St Herculanus

2012 Lyons Artista Artigiano

2012 Lyons Craftsman

2011 Archivio di Stato

2011 State Archives

1997 - Terremoto

1997 Earthquake

1997 - Umbria Jazz

1997 Umbria Jazz

2008 Severi

2008 Severi

2015 Festa XX Giugno

2015 Feast of June 20th

2012 Adriano Scognamillo

2012 Adriano Scognamillo

1998 - Beato Angelico e Gozzoli

1998 Gozzoli and Beato Angelico

1994 Riapertura Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria

1994 Reopening of the National Gallery of Umbria

“Ultimately, the windows of Sandri are a fixture that marks the time of the city and what happens to you, always read through the lens of history that is confirmed more and more to be the teacher of life, in this case, a sweet mistress."
Massimo Duranti - The windows of Sandri (1999)

“No one had ever even heard of a chronicle in sugarloaf, until Carla Schucani entered the scene. A creative communicator who has a passion for cooking events and put them on display”.
Marcella Calzolai - journalist