The Historical Shop

Opening your eyes at the entrance of the bakery you get a feeling of a journey through time, a jump to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It takes just a moment to realize the prestige and the historicity of the walls, the marble and the wood. There is 150 years of stories of family and patrons that permeates the shop.

The Ceiling And The Decorations

The ceiling of the room is completely decorated in tempera: from a sky where the swallows fly free, framed with trompe l'oeil with huge vases of flowers resting on columns, in which the right and left is graced with the Savoy and Swiss coat of arms, bearing witness to the long history of Sandri.

The Four Landscapes

A very characteristic feature are the four landscapes on the lower side of the walls, above which are written a brief account of the activities that took place in the room: "Pastry", with a small view of a lake and a background of smoking chimneys; "Grocery", the images represent distant countries to indicate the origin of the spices that were sold there; "Colonial", which instead shows an ancient Via Campo di Marte, probable the site of the family’s warehouse activities; and finally "Jams," with a view of a river at sunset among the smoking chimneys.

The Counter

Another pearl of Sandri’s is the original wooden counter accompanied by the wood paneling, carved by a fine cabinetmaker in the style of the time, a taste of the liberty that both celebrated the flourishing economy and progress. On the counter there are also two crests: the griffin of Perugia and the S of Sandri. Many other elements are present in the room and coexist in total harmony. observed with sweetness by the cherub, the guardian of a great tradition that lies between Corso Vannucci and Via del Dado.