Belle Epoque

During the long history of Sandri so many prominent personalities have come and gone to the shop or have participated in the sumptuous banquets. Miss Carla Schucani tells us some anecdotes that are close to her heart. Completing her stories of the history of Sandri, who over the years have always worked with dedication and passion, keeping up the name of the venue.

One day - says Ms. Carla - Alberto Sordi came and said to my grandmother Maria "Lady, do you not recognize me?" "No," she said, "then you do not watch television," he continued ... "I’m Alberto Sordi, I would like to shoot some scenes in your shop. " Permission was granted with immense pleasure and soon after the movie "London fog" of 1966 began filming .

Another funny episode involves coffee. Before the 60s there were only 4 or 5 mixtures sold, specially created by Guglielmo Schucani through on-site roasting, because he just did not want to put a coffee machine in the shop! On the other hand his wife Annamaria, who instead loved the idea, put a coffee machine in the Sandri, convincing the good-natured Guglielmo that this was a way to let customers taste before they buy.

Gustaf, King of Sweden, on the other hand, shocked the Sandri employees for his humble demeanor and courteousness. He got his coffee and his brioche, went to sit at a table and after finishing brought it all back himself and said, "sThis is how it’s done” like any other customer. "Good manners cannot be bought," commented the professional pastry chef.

Another amusing curiosity concerns the calls to Ms. Carla by Mrs. Franca, wife of former President Ciampi, who, after having attended a reception organized in the Prefecture for Republic Day on June 2, was so impressed that she called for advice and recipes.

Then, when you order a large cake from Sandri do not be surprised if one of the first questions will be "how large is the doorway?", "It needs to be exact in order to be certain that we can make a cake ad hoc"

The stories from Sandri’s history are so spontaneous that they almost seem obvious, as if it were an everyday thing. However, what emerges is the great esteem for friends, customers and employees which renews itself daily, as well as job satisfaction, thanks to which the confectioners give life to many creations, which they consider their “children”.